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Shortage Procurement: How Dedicate can support you

Why is there a global shortage of electronic components?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about huge changes in people’s lifestyles, with travel taking a backseat as the masses retreat to their homes. At the same time, the demand for consumer electronics has also increased significantly to meet the needs of people working and studying at home. The continuous development of technological innovation has only intensified the demand for complex electronic equipment.

Understand the global shortage of electronic components

The semiconductor industry's supply chain has been hit by a double blow: The first hit came from microcontrollers, these tiny but important elements that are the basis of almost all The foundation of electronic products is beginning to run out. Since then, the shortage has only intensified as fuses and other passive components also began disappearing from shelves, leaving manufacturers scrambling to find replacements.

The shortage of electronic components has now penetrated the Bluetooth module market, causing tension and uncertainty. As the trend of Bluetooth integration in electronic devices continues to increase, the demand for these modules has also increased dramatically, exacerbating the scarcity issue.

With the consumer electronics, automotive and Internet of Things markets’ insatiable appetite for microchips showing no sign of abating, chipmakers are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to meet these demands. This includes building new production facilities and adopting more efficient manufacturing processes, but the fruits of their labor will take time to mature. At the same time, semiconductor manufacturers are prioritizing the production of parts that are in greatest demand and halting production of those in lower demand. Some are even phasing out older parts with equivalent functionality in favor of newer, more advanced ones.

The catastrophic impact of semiconductor shortages on supply chains is almost impossible to overstate. The impact reaches far beyond the chipmakers themselves, as every aspect of the supply chain, from sea freight to air freight, struggles to cope. If that wasn't enough, suppliers are increasing the prices of their raw materials and packaging, causing overall costs to skyrocket. This situation is serious and it's hard to see it being resolved anytime soon.

Facing the shortage of electronic components, how does Dedicate support customers?

Faced with the risk of inventory shortages, this can be distressing for customers. In this case, distributors like Dedicate play an important role as a key bridge between suppliers and customers, helping customers obtain the components they need.

Large inventory of products

In the dynamic electronic components industry, the role of distributors like us is crucial as we aggregate the needs of various component suppliers, Maintain a steady supply of inventory. We understand that each customer's needs are unique and we aim to meet their every specific need. Some distributors may avoid building inventory, but we believe the right inventory is key to keeping it on the shelves so it's available when customers need it. We pride ourselves on providing the correct inventory, not just from one supplier, but from multiple suppliers.

Flexible Matching System

When you submit your requirements to Dedicate, our flexible matching system scans our database of over 4 million available product records, for your choice.

Multiple sourcing methods

When you work with Dedicate to source parts, our experienced experts will search our inventory or leverage our global supplier network to source your parts. the exact parts needed. In addition, we will conduct detailed inspection and necessary testing on it and ship it to you in a fast, simple and easy way.

Strict quality control

Buying customers on the open market are at risk and may encounter fakes. As a highly responsible distributor, we are highly vigilant about detecting counterfeit goods and do our best to prevent counterfeit goods from entering the market because our reputation depends on it. We provide global functional mirroring products and anti-counterfeiting testing support.

As a professional independent electronic components distributor, Dedicate leverages global expertise and technology to provide partners with smart procurement solutions. Do you want to learn more about the smart approach and discover our products? Please contact us!

Mar 16, 2023|3591365